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Solar Panels at Red Lodge Wastewater PlantOil and Gas

Currently, Carbon County Resource Council (CCRC) is working hard to protect Carbon County residents and their water.  The Energy Corporation of America (ECA), a company from Pennsylvania had big plans to start drilling for oil along the Beartooth and Bighorn mountains: Click here to see the article from the Billings Gazette.

In May, ECA began drilling an exploratory well outside of Belfry, Montana, in the middle of active farms and ranches. Neighbors immediately noticed and reported trucks hauling water from a nearby gravel pit without a water right.  The DNRC quickly moved to protect existing water rights holders, and told the ECA to get their water from a legal source.

We are continuing to work with local decision makers to ensure protections are in place for local residents and their water and soil.  Check out our Defend the Beartooth Front page for more info!

Clean Energy

CCRC is working to promote clean energy in Carbon County. Not only did they succeed in getting the City of Red Lodge to agree to the Mayor’s Climate Commitment, they successfully got a solar array installed at the second-largest user of energy in the city: the wastewater treatment facility. We are currently reforming our solar committees, so let us know if you’d like to be part!


CCRC generally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation.

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About Us

Students installing solar panels on Gardiner SchoolCarbon County Resource Council, based in Red Lodge, Montana, is a group of concerned citizens advocating responsible use of resources and finding solutions to problems that affect our unique quality of life.


CCRC was formed in 1997 by citizens concerned about an airport expansion. Working hard to protect the unique quality of life in Red Lodge, CCRC has ensured smart growth in town to maintain the character and lifestyles in Carbon County.

CCRC has helped county residents develop solutions to problems that affect our quality of life, including:

  • Getting baseline water testing on wells surrounding nearby oil and gas development;
  • Securing a public survey and countywide vote on a proposed airport for Red Lodge;
  • Working with county officials to expand recycling opportunities in Carbon County;
  • Monitoring development projects in the county to ensure compliance with local growth policies and other state and federal natural resource protection laws;
  • Testifying before the Montana Legislature for a variety of successful bills to protect Montana’s natural resources and preserve the viability of Montana’s family farms and ranches;
  • Working with the Climate Protection Group to develop strategy and mobilize citizens, to encourage the Red Lodge City Council to soundly invest in the region’s largest solar panel array;
  • Mobilizing citizens and landowners to compel a gravel pit operator to cut their plans to dewater the West Bench aquifer by three-fourths, as well as educating surrounding landowners on how to protect their water quantity, quality, and rights.
  • Monitoring water quantity and the safeguards in place to prevent drought in Carbon County, and requesting a drought committee in the City’s Growth Plan.
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